ENLYZE customer receives multiple awards for sustainability

One of the motivations for founding ENLYZE was to improve the sustainability of manufacturing through our technologies.

With this in mind, we are especially proud of our customer DUO PLAST AG!

The DUO EARTH stretch film from DUO PLAST has now been awarded for the second time for sustainability. This year the award was given internationally with the World Star Award, after having already won the German Packaging Award last year.

The awards recognize the development of a stretch film with a post-consumer reclaim (PCR) content that is unique to date.

“The particular challenge in the development and manufacture of products with high proportions of PCR is to keep process stability high despite the fluctuating material properties and thus to produce good quality economically,” says Detlef Kaase, COO of DUO PLAST AG.

To the great delight of ENLYZE, our digitization solution can also support with this challenge, as Detlef Kaase continues:

“ENLYZE’s process data analysis helps us to better understand our processes and the influences on productivity and quality, especially for challenging products. So we look forward to bringing even more innovative products to market in the future with ENLYZE’s support.”

For the first time, stretch films with at least 25% recycled content

For the first time, it has been possible to incorporate a PCR content of at least 25% in stretch film without having to experience any loss in film performance. Thus, DUO PLAST sets a new standard for the market.

The film for load securing, meets optimal requirements. With the DUO EARTH stretch film a high holding force is achieved, which is comparable to the standard film of DUO PLAST.

Post Consumer Recycling vs. Post Industrial Recycling

While post-industrial recycling recycles plastic waste from industrial processing, post-consumer recycling recycles plastic waste from end consumers.

Post-industrial waste is much easier to process because it can be ensured that no impurities are present. This means that they can simply be added to the new plastic without sacrificing quality.

“Die Prozessdatenanalyse von ENLYZE hilft uns dabei, unsere Prozesse und die Einflüsse auf die Produktivität und Qualität gerade bei herausfordernden Produkten besser zu verstehen. So freuen wir uns darauf künftig mit der Unterstützung von ENLYZE noch weitere innovative Produkte auf den Markt zu bringen”

A particular societal challenge is that packaging waste produced by the end consumer has increased by four and a half percent annually in recent years.

In order to achieve a further reduction in waste, intensive work must be done on ways to recycle waste into new products.

This has now been achieved to a large extent by our customer DUO PLAST in the stretch film sector.

ℹ️ Deutscher Verpackungspreis Jährlich wird in Deutschland der Deutsche Verpackungspreis vom Deutschen Verpackungsinstitut vergeben. Dort werden die besten Produkte, Konzepte, Entwicklungen und Prototypen mit dem Verpackungspreis ausgezeichnet. Die für Europa wichtigste Auszeichnung steht dabei unter der Aufsicht des Bundesministers für Wirtschaft und Energie. In insgesamt 10 Kategorien wird der Preis verliehen, zu denen beispielsweise Gestaltung & Veredelung, Warenpräsentation und Nachhaltigkeit zählen.

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