How the ENLYZE platform works

Find all your relevant production data in one place! The ENLYZE platform is the universal solution for your heterogeneous plant park.

Get a clear view of all your production data. Digitization has never been so easy.

Connection: All your machine data in one platform

Heterogeneous machine parks

  • Complete digitization of all your equipment
  • Independent of machine manufacturer and year of manufacture

Freely expandable

  • New machines and retrofitted components can be connected at any time
  • Changes to machines and other IT systems can be adopted at any time thanks to our flexible system design

Quick installation

  • Installation during operation and within a few hours
  • Integration without machine downtime
20 - 0 x

Faster machine connection than conventional solutions
5 - 0 %

Average OEE increase
0 %

Less time spent searching for data

Better decisions through shopfloor BI

Analysis tools for continuous production

ENLYZE focuses on continuous processing operations. All functions have been tailored to the needs of your industry. The entire solution is constantly evolving with feedback from our customers.

Data based applications

Reporting and OEE

Process optimization

Process analysis

Process monitoring

Security through encryption

Closed system

  • Edge device uses separate subnets for the machine network and the Internet
  • No direct connection between machine control and Internet

Read-only access

  • Edge device gets only read-only access for your attachments
  • Write access is not implemented
  • Influencing the system from the outside is technically impossible

State-of-the-art encryption

  • Confidentiality of all data connections between edge device and cloud server is always ensured
  • End-to-end encryption via VPN

Trusted partners

  • Storage of data exclusively in data centers within Germany
  • ISO 27.001 certified partners
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