Frequently Asked Questions

The trust of our customers in the information and data security of the ENLYZE platform represents for us a decisive factor for a successful and long-term customer relationship. The security of your data and information is therefore a central concern of ours and plays an essential role in the development process of our software and hardware, the productive operation of our solutions, and data storage.

Through consistent risk analyses, we continuously implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures and thus offer our customers the highest possible level of information and data security. In this context, we also work with external consultants and have our systems audited.

Any digitally available data from your production facilities can be recorded via our EDGE device and passed on to our platform. In addition to using standard interfaces such as OPC-UA, Modbus, etc., our team of integrators develops suitable connectors themselves in a timely manner if required.

Processes of completely analogue production plants cannot be mapped via our platform. We would be happy to advise you on retrofitting options in individual cases, so that old systems can also be connected to our technology.

Our EDGE device, the ENYLZE SPARK , is installed in the control cabinet of your production plant. This can be done by your maintenance team or by the ENLYZE integrator team. The installation takes place during operation and takes about 2 hours.

After the selection of the systems to be connected has been made, the connection of our technology per system takes about 2 hours.

We then configure the ENLYZE app according to your specifications. This process usually takes no longer than 2 weeks until the handover is complete.

The added value of the ENLYZE solution depends heavily on the respective application and cannot be quantified in general terms. Empirical values from the strip processing industry currently show potential for an increase in performance of 3-7% .

In our case study , for example, we show how we were able to increase the productivity of the systems at our customer mk Plast by 5%.

The use of the ENLYZE platform is billed via monthly fees for each connected system as a software as a service product. The amount of the SaaS rental depends on the respective application and is determined after an initial contact with you. Email us at to set up an appointment.

As an ENLYZE customer, you always have access to the latest software version of our system. New functions and adjustments are currently being released for all our customers in development cycles of around 2 weeks.

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