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Your OEE calculation in three simple steps

OEE as a key figure for productivity
Production costs, scrap rates, downtimes – numbers are often thrown around in production. This makes it all the more important not to lose sight of the big picture. One of the most important figures is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) – not least because it combines many factors and thus represents the key figure for the productivity of your machines.
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So berechnen Sie die OEE:

The OEE indicates the productivity of a plant in percent:

In operating vacations it is rightly at 0%, but on productive days it should at best be at 100%. The OEE is made up of the factorsAvailability, performance and quality.

Let’s find out how to determine these factors in three simple steps.

Ask us your questions, we will be happy to answer them by mail.

1. Availability:
How long can the machine be used?

The fundamental question for productivity: Is the machine running at all? The machine cannot produce during planned shutdowns (maintenance, tool change) or unplanned shutdowns (machine error, lack of personnel).
Availability is calculated as a percentage over the runtime in relation to the total time. Availability = Runtime / Total time The biggest losses are caused by unplanned stops. Enlyze also records planned stops, as potential is often hidden here. Many industries still record these manually, often resulting in measurement errors or gaps. It is therefore advisable to record plant availability automatically with the help of a digitization solution.
Gaps in productivity are identified through an automatic recording of all stoppages. These should be analyzed and included in the planning. This minimizes both planned and unplanned downtime.

2. Leistung: Wird der maximale Durchsatz erreicht?

Performance indicates how much product a machine produces during its lifetime.

The throughput achieved, i.e. the amount of material produced, is measured in relation to the maximum possible production.


Power = Achieved throughput / Maximum throughput


Many producers use the maximum output specified by the machine manufacturer for the OEE calculation. However, this leads to errors in the calculation!


Using the manufacturer’s specification does not allow a detailed analysis of different products on the same line, because: Products are manufactured at different speeds depending on quality, color and other properties.

The output should not be calculated per machine, but separately for each product. To find the most productive setting of a plant for each product.

What are advantages of Enlyze’s product-based power calculation?

Traditionally, each order is compared against a flat benchmark, distorting the calculated KPIs. At Enlyze each job is evaluated separately and benchmarks are derived from the manufacturing history on a product-specific basis. This is the only way to present losses in an undistorted way and to derive the right measures.

3. Quality:
How much of my manufactured product can I sell?

Quality compares the quantity of good produced to the total quantity that passed through the machine. Incorrect settings, unforeseen processes or damage to the machine lead to rejects. This incurs costs because the scrap must be disposed.
To calculate the quality, the yield and the scrap are weighed so that the following formula can be applied: Quality = yield/ total quantity = yield/ reject quantity + yield However, when manually calculating the quality can include a source of error: Consequently, if the weighing is forgotten or the wrong weight is entered, the quality cannot be determined correctly.
Quality can be calculated fully automatically via the machine data. If other machine parameters (temperature, speed, voltage) are linked to this, the reasons for rejects can be analyzed and eliminated – saving not only waste, but also money.

OEE calculation:

The OEE is then calculated from the product of the three individual ratios and thus sets the “productive time” of a plant in relation to the “total time”: With an OEE of 100%, the entire time the line is producing at maximum speed and without scrap.

Do you work in extrusion?

Enlyze specializes in this industry. Continuous manufacturing means your OEE is calculated differently than usual. For example, there are no short stops of the plant, which affects the power calculation. We have summarized some best practices specifically for extrusion in a PDF. Fill out the form below and get your OEE guidance now!

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Vorteile automatisierter OEE-Berechnung mit Enlyze

Verfügbarkeit erhöhen

  • Get an overview of plant downtime in real time
  • View the utilization rate of your assets
  • Ensure availability and thus prevent financial losses

Leistung steigern

  • Determine performance optimum for each product
  • Detect performance drops directly
  • Permanently increase plant performance with Enlyze

Qualität sicherstellen

  • Identify reasons for rejects
  • Identify patterns of reject production
  • Increase productivity through higher yield and lower losses

Häufige Fragen / FAQ zur OEE:

OEE is the abbreviation for overall equipment effectiveness and is one of the most important key figures for plant productivity. It is calculated from the availability, performance and quality of a machine.

The OEE is a good basis for further analyses, which can be used to implement various optimization potentials.

If the OEE is not at its maximum, the potential of the equipment is not being used to 100%. This does not always have to be bad, but the reasons should be known.

Based on the measured availability, performance and quality, initial measures can be initiated to become more effective. If, for example, the quality is very low, this indicates high scrap on the equipment. Rejects are rarely planned and should be minimized because they burn money.

OEE not only shows potential for production, but can also inform business processes. A product that is more productive than planned can be offered at a lower price. Another product is more expensive to produce than what customers want to pay and must be discontinued. Enlyze’ product-based calculation of OEE helps to uncover these differences and use them profitably.

It depends on which factor affects your OEE the most: Availability, performance or quality. You will find initial suggestions for improvement at the top of the text.

The technical jargon often refers to “the OEE”. However, “the” is correct, because it is “the effectiveness”, “the key figure”. Wikipedia also uses the feminine form in the article “Overall equipment effectiveness”.

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