Take your process understanding to a new level

Get a holistic understanding of how your assets are operating: ENLYZE’s data logging and analysis allows you to track production incidents in a data-driven manner. This enables you to understand their interrelationships and eliminate the causes of errors.

Recognize connections at a glance

ENLYZE brings together your booking, product and process data. This will give you the following advantages:

  • Compare individual production orders with each other

  • Recognize deviations and patterns in process behavior

  • View the entire production history
  • Find causes for unstable processes

  • Identify triggers for reduced plant performance and complaints
  • Data and analyses for quality assurance and development

  • Analysis tools for process experts for continuous improvement

  • Understand and prevent scrap reasons

Added values

Continuous improvement

  • Use process understanding as a basis for improvement
  • Gain data-based insights

Recognize deviations

  • Trace fluctuations in production parameters
  • Correct errors in production processes


  • Compare orders from the entire history
  • Ensure reproducibility of products

Stop wasting time searching for data

  • Direct access to all your production data

  • Direct access to all your production data

  • Find product name
  • Process data

  • Quality assurance evaluations

  • KPIs

  • Other bookings

Learn more about our system structure and the linkable data sources

Over 5% increase in productivity through digitization in extrusion

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