ENLYZE Process Optimization

Increase the performance of your production equipment and improve replicability and quality in manufacturing.

With ENLYZE, you can derive targeted best practices of your plant settings.

How to optimize your Processes with ENLYZE

  • Display plant data from the best production periods

  • Directly display plant parameterization with maximum productivity
  • Determine historical best machine settings

  • Find suitable parameters for new products
  • Make objectively secured decisions

  • Achieve improvements quickly

Advantages through process optimization

Every worker becomes the best worker

  • Conserve worker knowledge
  • Use of conserved knowledge for process improvement
  • Faster training of new employees

Determine optimal settings

  • Finding the best machine settings for specific products
  • Always produce at the optimum operating point

Increase productivity

  • Data for continuous improvement of production
  • Reduce scrap through stable processes
  • Increase machine performance

Learn how MK Plast saves €24,000 per plant annually through process optimization

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