Real time overview

Monitor all your production equipment live and never miss a critical event again. You can retrieve all relevant information in real time.

The production status at a glance

  • Are my machines running at full capacity?

  • What are the current process parameters?

  • Are the systems running to specification?
  • Is the production within the tolerances?
  • Are there signs of process deviations?

Transparency for all processes

  • Detect if limit values are exceeded
  • Get overview of all installations

  • View all data in the app

  • Access from anywhere and at any time

Manufacturing condition at a glance

Anywhere and anytime

  • Location-independent application from the store floor to the home office
  • View information in real time
  • All plants at a glance

Individually configurable

  • Select your own parameters for the display
  • Define limit and target values yourself
  • View production orders and parameters clearly

Never miss a disturbance

  • Real-time visual notifications in the web app
  • Additionally integrated notifications in MS Teams
  • Notifications possible on mobile devices via Telegram

Better process understanding through screen on the shopfloor

“We can view important process parameters in the hall. They are displayed simply and understandably in real time. This means that every operator can intervene at an early stage and produce in the best possible way.”

Alexander Kaunath, Operations Manager

Always keep an overview and prevent rejects before they occur.

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