The definitive ENLYZE guide on how to improve your production through manufacturing data.

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Our view of the digital manufacturing world

When are you truly ready for IIoT? | Recipe Management 4.0 | Without machine data, your organization lives in darkness | Data-driven assessment of OEE based on machine data

IIoT technologies and stumbling blocks

Industrial IoT - Build or buy | Monitoring dashboards for production | Make machine data understandable and human-readable in just a few hours

This eBook scrathes the surface on relevant questions of digitization in extrusion and related industries:

  • How can I digitize my brownfield machinery
  • What should an IIoT Infrastructure look like and what are the important aspects to look out for, espeically in terms of openness
  • What are use cases that improve manufacturing productivity?
  • What secondary effects can I expect from my machine data in terms of KPIs, production controlling and forecasting?
  • What are some real-life examples of customers successfully working with the ENLYZE solution

We hope you enjoy reading this eBook and we’re looking forward to some engaging and challenging discussions on our learnings, your experiences, ideas and needs.

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